The trail back from Utah's a long and dusty one
Keep looking out for rustlers your hand always on your gun
Been driving all them long horns for the best part of a year
All I want when the job is done is a town full gals and beer

I've got a fistful of dollars and a throat that's awful dry
Ain't had me a bath since the start of the drive
I sure am smelling high
I've been on the trail

There's a guy at the piano boy he sure can play
He's singing a song 'bout marrying a gal and settling down some day
I guess I ain't that fella no it sure ain't me
I love my life of freedom out on the big prairie

I've got some fancy French cologne I sure won't spend this night alone
I'll see the gal at the red eye saloon and sure as hell go crazy
I've been on the trail
On the trail

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