Rekindling then
The passion flower
That could never bloom again
Those days what power
Trip some outward
Tripped some up
Young ways, dead ends

You'll find a place
Impressions of wet lips
On a window's frosty lens

Relax in space
Birds singing wise
No race
There is comfort for you

If all the people that you ever ran into along the way
Had left the mark inside a case for tomorrow
Today it might sting
And if somebody special ever ran away with
What they gave you wasn't it
A gift to touch for a second?
I'm right beside you

Not thinking about the holidays
Suddenly I wake up now
Not thinking about
All the work that must be done
Suddenly I wake up now
Not thinking about little letters on my phone
Suddenly I wake up now

Easy like God's child running
And whopping on some plain
There's a daydream happening
Seems to take awhile to make my perfection
Then they take it and it's gone in seconds
Laying on clay tile laced
With little old prints of some lost Shepherd
Thinking of the places we went
Are we in the same house
Or is the house between us?

A place to stay
A place to stay
A place to go and pray today
A place to pass away

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