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Weapon Of Honey Production

Baboon Rising

Weapon Of Honey Production
Breeding bees for sinister deeds
Is there more to this than we see?
Armies are in their production
Of a substance used in corruption
Yeah we know it's just plain honey
But what you'll use it for ain't funny
I know how you operate
You have a 'legitimate' front
You sell your 'product' at local stores
But it is more that you want
I know what you have in mind
I can sense your jealousy
You have harbored some ill feelings
At the chicken feed industry
And just because one of them
Seems to share your family name
You want to lash out at them all
It's driving you crazy insane
So now you have tried to find
The perfect way to stop them all
Attack them at their highest point
And then head off to the mall
Your plan - take the honey - oozing
Spread it - on the granary - dripping
No way - will you getaway - with it
I am - calling you out - stop it

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