Behind a cold, black wall where we´ve lost it all
You can meet me on a dead-end street
Deep down inside there´s more than meets the eye
I´m fighting just to stay on my feet

I´ve gone to hell, i`m never coming back
Now, i`ve got my place to stay
And one more time there`ll be trouble tonight
Hanging on but i`m losin` my way
I keep runnin`, my head keeps hummin`
Underneath the hungry neon signs
In a fractured mirror my face ain`t getting clearer
I`m drownin` in these lies

`cause it`s pain and disgrace in this suicide city
Fightin for your life, trying not to lose your mind
You won`t live to see the end in this suicide city
Fallin` apart just about overnight

Well i`m trapped in the heart of the town
Got nowhere to go, there ain`t no way to get around
I`m gone to waste, i`ve lost my taste and
In no time i will be hittin` the ground
Need no shoes, there ain`t nowhere to walk
Just keep a-rollin` dice
You`ll be drowned in the big, cheap talk
Welcome to paradise


We`ll, you`re tall, but that`s all
I`ve seen it all before, you will fall
I shake my torso more so i`m the king of korso
Now, just a-burnin` it up
The nightshow`s off, it´s time to hit the sack
But you know we`ll all be back

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