You say you`ll be whatever i want you to be for a night
I burn my tongue on your red hot skin
While i stare into your frozen eyes

There ain`t no bones about it, i`ve been misunderstood
Now, it never seems to end up just the way it should
I like it easy, i like it cheap
Just the way i know that you could
So, let`s make it groovin`
Now, it`s all you need
Time to get movin
Down on fours, i`m gonna keep you off your feet

With your
Face to the wall
Now, it`s you with your
Face to the wall

And so, i called you up in the middle of the night
They said that they ain`t seen you in this life
Now it`s six bang one time, it`s making me burn
I know my hollywood will never learn
And we make it groovin`
You`re against the wall
Time to get movin`
Come the dawn, we`re hot on social call

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