Girl, you`re trying to love me
But all i feel is pain you give me
What could i use your love for
I love loneliness, you see
You want the money, a peek-a-boutique, it´s all you ever knew
The taste of love, it`s all the same, my city, your avenue

I wanna make you a woman right about tonight
And in the end make everything allright
Now, i can see your smile right before my eyes
Nights in a million bars would never make it right

You can`t get my love
I`m so far away from you
Can`t get my love
There ain`t a thing that we could do
Can`t get my love

I never knew that you loved me so
It`s 8 years gone by and you can`t let go
I`ve been hunting high and low
Well how little did i know
And through the years of danger i went through the things that should`ve never been told
One foot on the gas and the other in hell, feelin` like hundred years old

I`m gonna make you a woman right about tonight
In the end it makes everything allright
Now, will i still see the stars shining in your eyes
Four walls, they can`t be wrong, could never feel so right

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