Foto do artista Battagia

Sweet Darling Underground


Now, it`s just another night and you`re way out of your line again
You`re just a-wastin` time tryin`to kill your pain
And since the day that you flew away it just ain`t the way it`s meant to be
You do a line, livin` in a lie, you`re so wasted that you just can`t see
And since the day i lost your number
The way i feel i might as well have just a-pulled you under, my

Sweet darling underground
Sweet darling underground
I´m tellin` you
There ain`t no way you could be found my
Sweet darling underground

With an empty gaze you stare, no one knows that you`re so alone
Waitin` for the daylight come, dreamin` of someone takin` you way back home
Life in a tube, you`ve got nothin` to lose, after all, you`ve had so much to see
But i doubt if you recall the times we shared, now my heart is gettin` dark within
And since the day you burned my number
Lookin` back, you`ve gone so low, now i never took it as a wonder

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