Oh nanana, why you jumped out the bed at 3AM?
Oh nanana, thought I was mad, fuck you think I am?
Oh nanana, why you still textin and flexin on me?
Hexin my place and reflexin on me?
Vexin and chessin with exes on me?

Now u missin me missin me missin me
But you could be kissin me kissin me kissin me, me

Now I love the way you miss me
Like you searchin for me down in cinnabar
Nanana na na
Surfin a lapras

Hasta la vista
U got some shit brewin, barista
I could be on top of the list, ah, but nevermind
I swear I'll be faster than twista
Sleepin on me la siesta
You just a jester in la fiesta
Kids go to uni, see you next semester
Couldn't catch me if your ball was master

Swear to God like

You couldn't catch me if your ball was master

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