From the highland valleys resound the drums of death
Boots of steel march across bridges of stained wood
Burnt remains of sylvan unicorn altars weep in sorrow
No mercy, black warlords of bloody dominions
We have gathered for you feast of total victory
Hoist the banners across the mighty fortification
Just maybe the firen where the prisoners are tortured in their filth
Set ablaze the stares torching remnants of resistance
Runes of sorcery call the curses of the devils
And the bells distant chime is our reminder
If you forget the oath, death will not redeem
Life if black, battle and blood rule our souls
Over the mountains where we lie in ambush
To the desert where our allies crawl in sand
We have fought tribes, clans and cities
Filled with life that just doesn't please us
And something in their faces just makes us sick
So don't regret one moment of the suffering
Each scream of mercy from children unanswered
Drops dead one of their disgusting angels
And when enough of their blood drenches you
Just maybe the fire will let you have a taste
Of what it is like to crush entire worlds.

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