Foto do artista Dead Reptile Shrine

Observatorivm Tenebrarvm et Daemonarvm

Dead Reptile Shrine

I must break the seals of this portal

Whose presence below the ground vibrates through one and many worlds

By the dimness i must hide to survive and observe

To enter this passage that was revealed to us in our dreams

For our initiation and sacrifice

I must travel to the roots of this eternal mystery

Whose blood in my veins crackles and burns striving to unite its kin

I will find the lost stone that was used by the ancients

To gain passage through annwn, the kingdom of the dead

For our powers lost in years of disgrace

I must build the temple that was requested by the spirits of evil

In the darkest of pacts known to man

I shall serve as a host for their acts of vileness and impurity

And my flesh will be cut, my bones will be broken, i will suffer through cruel acts of worship

For the master and his reptilian servants

The ascent through the spheres of the demonic is an endless war

Armed with steel and spell we leave no towers standing and no fortress untouched

Ride the wind, command the flame, mold the sand and sail the darkest seas

There is no salvation for we are the sons of thunder and might and shall never fall, hail

Tenebrae invincible force

Daemon the silent watcher

Give me your orders

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