An adoration of osiris un-nefer
God great within abydos
King of eternity, lord of everlasting
Traversing millions of years in the duration of his life

Son eldest of the womb of nwt
Engendered by seb the chief, lord of the ureret crown
Lofty of the white crown, prince of gods and men
He hath received the crook and flail

And the dignity of his fathers
Gratified is thy heart which is in set
For thy son horus is established upon thy throne
Thou art crowned as lord of tattu and as ruler

In abydos
Becomes green through thee the earth in triumph
Before the hand of neb-er-djer. He leadeth in his train
That which existeth and that which not yet hath become
In his name ta-her-seta-nef
He toweth the earth in triumph in his name that of seker

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