Foto do artista Dead Reptile Shrine

Kummituspaikka / Intiaanipolku

Dead Reptile Shrine

The air is filled with obscured movement


The granite coloured sky drips with ancient blood

Dead birds sing

Cadaverous insects buzz

Great poisonous spiders with the eyes of demons

The ghosts are whispering

They whisper of veils, stones, deserted huts in the wasteland

They give me reason enough to be afraid

Of what i shall see next

Forest in the distance where snow crystal towers shine proud i hear the roar of thunder is this to be my last journey?

Hills in the distance where tracks lead into the mounds of the dead did i already pass beyond the borders of life without knowing it?

Finally i can smell the salt from the sea

Stalking further

Into the shore the trail has led me

As a leaf i set myself to flow with the current

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