Severely wounded from rape, brought and left in front of me
it's exactly what i want, fresh'n alive
i'll make use of you whichever way i want
you're tied up from your legs and arms,much more pain,much more pleasure
i'm looking through your throat, i can reach your stomach
placing my arm inside your mouth
tears from eyes, you should be in pain
i know your throat is mutilated when i pull out my hands
then i shove my arm into your throat again
i filled my stringe with the liquids

that comes out of your stomach
i use this acid to melt your cunt and eyes
when I pull out my arms ,u throw up on yourself.
you create the atmosphere for this brutality

the rest of this liquid goes to your eyes
you can't see in your last minutes
i place my hands on your throat
blocked is your trachea, throat is swelling
you're dying alone
your Haemorrhoided throat cuts your breath,
enter into darkness forever

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