You,could be dead, but you'll never get rid of me
I know your grave place is known by me
I am coming to take you, you'll be mine
When i begin to dig your grave,
I'm trembling from excitement to see your rotten body
I reached your coffin i am opening the top
Looking at the beauty in front of me, with admiration
I'm taking you out, washing and cleaning
You are rotten and smell odious, and though you're not fresh,
You're my eternal love
I came to baptise you, what i didn't do when you were alive
Will make my wish true when you're dead
But both of us,will be pleased,with my baptism
I begin to fuck you by pouring the fuel on you
Aim of baptism is,satisfaction
Every,piece of your flesh,scatters
Your bones,come out through your flesh
I make you lie on the floor before scattering you more
In our last step i fire your fuel-washed body
I complete the baptism
I bury you again

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