Foto do artista Decaying Purity

They were Raped In Quarantine

Decaying Purity

Picking of the sluts
reason of their prostitution
taking them to the quarantine rooms (Malik)
each of them tied up to their beds
all of them are motionless and desperate
all of them are the same,all must be destroyed
destruction must be lustful
delight from their sufferings
tasting both pain and pleasure together
given morphine to their bodies after the rape
they'll have psychological pain
cut flesh in pieces from their bodies
the organs passing in front of them
they are desperate and have no salvation
they have no more power to live
they try to be innocent but
the bitch inside them is still there
Dying all dying
the only things left behind are
being raped in quarantine
and thrown away as garbage
they are all aware seeing everything
they are desperate and have no salvation

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