Foto do artista Decaying Purity

Create The Torso With A Hatchet

Decaying Purity

In a garden which dead bodies have been buried
Each one looks like a sprouting plant
your rotten organisms,and useless parts
the bodies belong to me,which your god refused
your fucking bodies are so wretched
but they are unique masterpieces for me
a different organ,and skin from each body
my aged hatchet,in my hand
i will re-create a new torso
it needs to contain my sensations
it must feel the pains within hellfire
never experienced while alive
Let's begin to work with the kidneys
Then take the spleen and stomach
everything located faultless into my masterpiece
if not he won't give my reward for your rotten bodies
Take the guts, no need to be tidy
Lungs are important, they need to breathe to feel the pain
Return to life, become my child
The only thing that he needs to recreate
An unbeating, dead and damned heart
My child is ready to be reborn
it will be in the world and hell
if god has his son
then i will create one too
armless, legless and headless
you see my perfect masterpiece
i created, but i owe him his advice
only him, myself and my hatchet

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