Hey everyone, we are
Trying hard to be the new rockstars
And we don’t care if you appreciate or not,
‘Cause you noticed, we’re far from being sell-outs

We don’t like what we hear on radio
Change the track, it’s all become stereo

What I said is a joke
Cause in the world we live,
If you want to be known,
You have to puke things
That you don’t believe in
Alright, get on your knees,
And we will get you a hit

Play it loud, from your stereo
Play it hard, yeah we’re good to go
Pump the bass, make it shake
Your walls

Here I am, once again, to complain
I gotta hey, I gotta say, I gotta tell
What’s on my mind, what’s on your mind
We have to make it change, we can’t stay blind
So let’s make them a favor, by changing the whole flavor,
Turn the radio off, enough!

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