It started as a joke,
They never planned this
Was not acceptable… but undeniable
That sparkle in his eye
As an answer to her smile,
Was unmistakable

But what about his friend,
The one he would betray?
Was unconceivable… but unintentional
Backstabbing beloved ones
For the sake of a love
Was unbearable

Prohibited feelings on their way
Happiness shouldn’t be a weight
Why don’t you let them live their story
Without making them feel guilty?
Cause they feel guilty

Feeling happy and selfish
Went together
Was uncomfortable, but uncontrollable
They had to make it end
To start living again
It was indispensable

They knew about facing storms
But they would never be alone
It was unforgettable, unimaginable
And the more love they made,
The more they knew their faith
Was unshakeable

Hide ourselves…
How can we hide ourselves?

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