Something does not feel right
I’m about to do the same mistake
Without knowing if you’re really mine
I’m leaving once again
Upstream I see the light
Though every night it makes me shake
Feels like I walk the line
When you invade my brain

(I’m living on) taking shelter
(I’m getting on) under your skin
(I’m living on) does it matter
(I’m getting on) if I give in?

It’s not about win or lose
I’d be your fool if it was true
I won’t excess, won’t abuse
All things come to him who waits

Having a hard time making up my mind
I’m a shadow based on your actions
And on and on and on and on…
Grows the hunger for reactions

Aren’t you part of this picture
I make of the two of us?
Is it some kind of uplifting rapture?
Survivors of planet earth

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