Ripping apart my own existence
Fashion my flesh with thread
Mangle myself for this disguise
Then bind all of the sutures that make me whole again
Deny these voices that I have inside
Telling me to die, my sanity now subsides
Lacerations are in line, refine and reconstruct myself this time
Create this design and untie these knots that I have inside
They're entwined
Remind myslef of the troubled times
I find there is no peace so I must release from life
Justice will cease for I will appease my mind
"All that which is just, is only held
Held in the eyes of the wicked!"
Wicked eyes staring down on me
I despise this weakened side of me
And now I'll desecrate myself, by rearranging me
I will never be complete, so I'm striving only to be deceased
I'm embarrassed, I'm ashamed
I must hide myself for I am strange
I am nothing, I'm confused
Because all of my life I've been abused by these things
Sever the strings that restrict my feelings
And what I am
Battered with sin, a broken man
Dying within, it's time I stand

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