What's this fascination with decline?
Another disappointment with a pain that's divine
A brutal savage state of mind
Lashing out and striking down the confidence inside
I'm dying alive
Bursting with emotion, I confine
Running round in circles, frenzied life that is mine
A suicidal state of mind
Butchering this carcass is the only way
To find some fucking relief
Mow it's time to put my brain to sleep
Erosion's set, engraved in stone
Mutilation now, death's engine is fully blown
No more pain
The room is spinning
No more pain
The walls are closing in
Malice befriends me
Slaughter the livestock the cattle are plenty
Solace in nothing, I'm empty
Twidted with mischief my conscience has left me
I've had it with all of your fuckin' lies
My justice will come with the dawn of your demise
Hastened defeat
Terror consumes me, the structure depletes
Torture, grinding the meat
Torn from my instinct and poisoned with deciet
I'm betrayed witin me
Chaotic frenzy
Instilled in th eminds of the mad
This life is false we are dead
Controlled we've all been misled
Brainwashed and driven to death
Death, it's the only certainty that's left
Death, so why not?
I die each time I struggle
To transform in order to thrive
You're killing me inside
I'm dying alive
Yes, I'm dying alive

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