Blood wings, fly me to the end of time
And draw back the sunrise
Dawn's end befell men due to virtuos wane
Now in the darkness all shall remain
Strain the black holes, a mixture revised
Skies erupt into onyx decline
Shine opaque, the darkness is divine
"Chime" said the death bell "The end is the time"
Entangled, imprisoned, enslaved in flesh
And then soon laid to rest, a deprived, defective life
I'll forever despise
Depart now to darkened dimensions
Escape to dim-tinted landscapes where decline binds me
We are born into darkness and piosoned with this disease
The seduction of pain
Never the fuck again
Never will I trust in this life for there's clever thoughts
Thrust to disguise the endeavor of a just paradise
We must sever and descend into the night
Consumed with intentions not right
I drip with nocturnal delight to defy life and law
In the void I greet pause out of sin made this dark denizen
Encased in shadows embrace, metempsychosis
Now entombed, mutate in the womb
Darkness consumed my heart with callouses, my hide
Light be denied, the corruption of my mind
I cry out to vow this dark decree
My ode to the moonlight find delight in my pain
Seduction leads only to self destruction
Seduction of Pain
Metamorphosis now taking place
I'm born into darkness
Torn away from light I must reshape
I'm born into darkness
I'm buried live where light will subside
This life a facade, so where is your god?
Where the fuck is your god?
Placed inside this womb I am entombed
I'm born into darkness
Shifting sides to contain life in shadow
I'm born into darkness
Now, these onyx scales take shape to cover this landscape
Frozen chamber, incarceration
Blood wings fly me to the end of time
I collide with the silhouette side, reinvent my pride, suicide
The seduction of pain has taken hold on my soul
I release all control and embrace much pride in suicide
I'm born into darkness, becoming more heartless
Infect my brain with the notions of death and then surely I'll wake
It was not my choice in this life
I was born into darkness

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