Amid The Devil's Laughter


Entrance to this endless abattior
An everlasting landspace of mass hate that crushed fate with ill desire
Empires of sin, they grin with fruadulance
(empires of sinful beasts they stalk me, poor decisions haunt me)
False comfort pulls me in to choose the noose of truth
Amid the devil's laughter
He's mocking me
(withing this sea of senseless blasphemey)
Time created these cracks, a design that's sure to relapse
My curse that's carried from the past
Confusion's wrath, my mind confined and paralyzed
(my self inflicted torture hiding from exposure)
My mind has fled astray, this course of sores begins
(in this corridor of demons, nothing's left to believe in)
Amid the devil's laughter
Languid limbs drag my flesh across the rock, scarring every bit of thought
Now, a morsle for the flock devouring me
Hopeless is the mindset of the weak
But re-occuring history's proving to me that everything must expire
Everything is fading slowly in time
Incineration, perish in the fires burning inside
No inhibition, i will never give in, lay down and die
Fight against this life
Time to revive, assimulate
Break this cycle, create this tidal wave of rebellion
To flood this hell we live in
Rapture, rapture cleanse with disaster
Waves crash steadfast, the backlash of forgotten children
Enraged with the fury that's been caged
We are enslaved by the demon in who's paradise we lay
Break free from these restraints
Caught in this abyss with thoughts that i can't bear
I'm held within this snare
Amid the devil's laughter

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