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When A Hero Cries


Awake by that dreams of you
Being all alone in the night
Coldness in my empty chamber
No one here holding me tight

I could take a masquerade
To show you I don't need to cry
But I can let
My tears run away
To show you I'm
As weak as a child

So many times you make me cry
But I got no reason to deny
Because I'm here and still alive

When a hero cries, emotions arise
The tears in my face
Seem to be a trace of life
When a hero cries

It felt like heaven to me
But it was nothing for you
You said that I should forget
But it ran me through
And I still can't deny
That you still make me cry

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Composição: Tobias Sammet · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Risla, Traduzida por Marcus
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