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The Price Of Submission


Lord Almighty, creator of the Earth. Shed your mercy in this life. Great is your hold in my
existence. Dwell in me, ward off temptation. I cry out, cry out the name of Jesus. Oh, my
saviour, let me feel. Guide me to everlasting life, Christ!
All the treasures you've stored up will be obsolete, where they rust and thieves can steal and
kill. Greater is he who is in me than the hatred in this world. Guide me to heaven, your kingdom
reign. Guide me to aid those who won't accept. Accept! Accept! Accept! Accept your truth.

Vanity, insanity, sorcery. Adultery, witchery, murder, all will die. Time to be bondage free ,
end the sin. Only way out of this is Christ. Price of Submission!

The price of submission is death.

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