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Images Of Tragedy


Broken souls in solitude lamenting their existence
Questions plague my mind, those images of tragedy
Broken is my heart, shattered is my mind,
too afraid to die alone
Descending into the bowels of Hell
Darkness on my throat begins to tear
Loneliness is too much to bear
Causing pain and despair

Even through this vision is not reality, fear and suffering hemorrhage inside of me.
Dwelling in pure monotony, sickening thoughts of uncertainty.
I have grown tired of living, but too much afraid of dying.

I am imprisoned, shut in a cell, feeling forgotten, too close to this Hell.
Fed no affection, love or direction, treated like feces, suffering species.
Time passes by, I open my eyes, still locked in my cell, the wind is so cold.
The darkness still there, they say I am blessed, but pain I can't bear.
They say I am blessed, but unhappiness is still there. Confusion is there.

Images of Tragedy afflict me day by day.
When I close my eyes, the torturers, they return.
Force-feeding me with lies, their concepts I despise.
Their stories I must believe, for my miserable life I grieve.
Images of evil, I must purge my life of sin before my death.
The answer lies in Christ, forever I pray to you my God.

Seek the blood from above, righteousness will triumph over sin.
In my suffering I can find some peace within.
And the souls below, rotting and crying for inner truth, blinded by demise.

I command you to obey my God. I will fall but shortly after, I will rise.
Christ is our salvation. Satan, rest in agony.
I will arise from the grave. Holy pilgrimage towards the Heavens of Truth.

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