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Everything Must Decompose


Why must I conform to the laws of this life?
Slave of the system! Little can be done to change the way humans respond to my actions.
Slowly I descend into a life-threatening depression

Sickened by loneliness, invaded by emptiness
Why must I feel like I'm suffocating inside
Bed-ridden obsession, suffering mental breakdown, lacking moral direction, death is my intention.
Everything is broken, rancid, decomposing, choices breed inside me, suicide rejection.
Demise of my sanity, chronic brain infection, nemesis of my entity, memories of the past,
Prelude to Torture!

Memories of the past arrive and grip me by the neck.
Rleasing savage images of death upon my existence.
Raging hatred, drowning in misery.

Must I be bold to curse life itself
Envy behold as I watch the world
Questions arrive, who said it would be fair?
Time to attain perfection is there
As I decompose, existence of dispair
In my pain I drown in tears forsaken so I felt
Everything must decay before it is reborn
And shall dust become dust for the rest of eternity

Everything Must Decay. Everything Has to End
All shall decompose. I will not forget
Everything Must Decay. Everything Has to End
Christ is the Word made Flesh

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