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These events are written in Prophecy:

After the conflict has died there is still more violating of the principles of life
Dwelling around me is Satan the Beast
Relentless Rebrutalization of man
Slowly awaiting to seek and destroy
Slowly awaiting

Victim of intensified destruction of the brain
Injuries to vital organs of the already rotten mind
The sickness now begins
This is our nature
These maledictions are embedded in our heads
like a chain reaction of iniquity

Injury to the body
Worship of the Flesh
Existence of disgrace
Which ends in a cursed infinity
How do we escape our fate of ill deception?
How do we escape our lust for self-degredation?

Entity of hatred
Brutalizer of Humanity
Entity of the Serpent
I despise your being

Depravation to the end of time
Since ancient days you have walked
Murderous annihilation
Race of endless condemnation

Depravation until the end
You must die
Since time began you were of Hell
You wretched spawn
You exist and end to your lies
Corruptor of all
Soon to die under the masses
of endless suffering

Injury to the Body
Worship of the Flesh
Existence of Disgrace
Which ends in a cursed infinity

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