Waves of warmth crash around me just like the womb
And I feel the pulse of each moment passing
More than I've ever known
I grasped with everything I had like I wanted this

More than the air that'd left my lung as the cold hit
Each lucid moment as it were my own
Each nerve and ending to bathe in the afterglow
In a dream I heard your voice clear as the day

And as I close my eye life is born again
Illusions colors wash away
Like autumn gold to winter grey
I saw your face as the weather shifted

Fading in and out of suspended animation
I arrived at the place where no lights shine at all
And I'm reminded nothing is real here
In this parallel

I lie under spinning stars
Beneath the weight of these abstraction
Exhausted more in each lingering second
Lost in cyclical patterns

These repetitious scene induce unrealistic expectation of a
Night more vicious than the dawn
More vicious than waking life
Within this trance you're with me

But this vision won't last for ever
And I'll wake once again
As sunlight breaches the morning haze
To retrace my steps

Through a darkness so luminous
Lit by only your passing flame
Eye open

Is it the future you fear or what you've become nothing
The weight of this reality is no longer your to bear
So move forward nothing is real here

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