Yo man, you gotta come out man
Its fcuking, the suns out, right
I got loads of lager
I got my, I got my fathers capri, man

Yeah, ok, is that a new stereo?

Yeah man, check out these summer tunes, man

Its the GLC

Oooh, R 'n B
(Get down with the GLC, I said)
Oooh, R 'n' B
(Get down with my GLC, I said)

Yeah, Chon Ben-Wa Balls AKA Love-Eggs
Knows it!
In the house tonight, P.Xain
You Knows it

You know what?
This time of year, its wicked, man,
You got some sun,
You got your mates Escort
And you got loads of Stella in the back, right
Serious man,
And you goes up Chepstow, cuz its dead posh there
And you sees 3, or 4 birds
wearing fcuking dirty pants (!?), man

Its the summertime Clart!
Show your vibe innit!
You knows It! haha...

Its the GLC

I wear my cap down low,
So my eyes dont show
Now you cant see,
The red eye from the blow
That I been smoking in the back of my house
Moving around, and be quiet like a mouse

I stays in all day
But when the summer comes along
I gets oustide and hits it hard on a bong
I gets in the Escort
I drinks the beer
I looks at the birds,
And I knows theres no fear/queer/clear/cleaner (?)

I got a sticker on the back of my car, innit.

Max Power, 2000+1, innit

Yeah, the April edition, man

Knows It!

Its the GLC

Serious man,
Id like to give a big shout to .... fish and chips
Id like to give a big shout to ... chip shop
Id like to give a big fcuking 'Yo' to fcuking Bombay Bicycle Club

But mostly Id like to big up the Slow Boat
Cuz its a right good laugh when your wrecked, innit

fcuking you knows it

Pryndda, fcuking Shaftesbury, fcuking safe, Malpas Crew,
You Knows It

fcuking ???, safe as fcuk, for the year 2000+1

You knows it.

fcuking Rod G, fcuking, all the fcuking 'Port

Now my names P.Xain
Now your safe with me
And your safe with the rest of the GLC

Though we might just slide you a tape
We're the fcuking Goldie Lookin' Chain

Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh, here we, here we, here we go,
Back in the car to see if the girls are going to show
all of them are there wearing some tight jeans
Some of have got titties that look like burst spleens ()
It looks really crazy, its looks right mad
I thinks to myself, one day ill be a dad
If I keeps on pumping
All the ...
Ive got to change my clothes
And gotta get a peice of it (?)

Its the GLC

Oooh, R 'n' B

Get down with the GLC I said...

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