Nah, it wasn't violence, it was more like manipulation, it was coercion
It was like, I'll buy you this, I'll give you that, you know?
And treating them like a person, but they were objects
I was doing anything in my power to get them
To have sex with them, to give it up
They would comply, I'd buy 'em beer, get 'em drunk, get 'em high
Anyway that I could manipulate a woman or a girl or a child, I would do it
Well, the best way to fool people is to help them
It's to ask them what they want, ask them what they need
Do they need help doing anything? Do they need money? Do they need a job?
I wouldn't use any empathy, I would fake it, you know?
Fake empathy, like saying: I know how you feel
But there was no empathy there, there was just a show
Just a tale I used just to get the person to say: Well, he seems like he is a pretty good fella
And yeah, that was manipulation all the way

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