Eyes wide open feed on every line, every
Picture, every word the cut so deep and
Razor fine, and is it any wonder, that what I
Hate is what I seek? When blood becomes
The common scene, when heart is hard, and
Flesh is weak
And I will not be lied or denied, I will not
Accept, respect, or bow to...Everything you
Give is everything you take, and I don't
Even think that I'd know how to, turn
Around and walk into the death that was
My life, or maybe life that was my death,
And I may be your human target, but only
Till my final breath

Force fed, exploited, till dead
Force fed, misguided, till dead

Crush the soul and fill the hole with any
Substitute to take the place, far away, from
Sacrifice and grace, eyes wide open and
I'm blind, blind, blind. Smoke from your
Lips to take my vision. blood from the son
To make me shine...

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