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High above I seek my peace
Spread my wings to reach my aim
But I can not soar in this fog
Just because of your selfish needs...

Beneath the surface I live in silence
Open up to breathe
But it is not water that streams through
It's the source of your wealth

On the sideline we stood in silence
Knowing what to come
A society where intelligence ranked positions
Perfect for those who came

Beneath the surface you will find me
I shuffle my way through the mould
But I'm getting weak, I can no longer shuffle
What you think is gone is absorbed by the soil

In the forest I have my home
My life is in the trees
But you needed wood for your shelter
So by hatched and saw you took mine

The air is clean
The water is pure
The soil feeds
The woods are forever green

The sun shines from a
Blue sky never again to be
Darkened by those who
Needed the air just as much as we...

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