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Near Life Experience (Maria...)

Lash Out

In a different place
In another room
The moment is near
The night is generous
Confident whispers, no words
Warm hands speak
The wall knows its paintings
As it knows mine
No artificial beauty
But a house built with care
A sweetsmelling city
Art that stretches the emotion

...into a close night
Where I hear your light sleep
A watch you safe in your dreams
Sucking on your thumb
And speaking silent words
A scene left as an undone memory
To proud to undress
To greedy to share the real
A teardrop hits an unwritten letter
It's sad to be an insect

Wet paper dries
The secret face is sealing inside
I cry from the roof at night
Like an embryo in the snow

Kill the life
Kill the love
Kill the heart
Heal the wound

A bewildered man in female hours
A slight change in eyes
Finally enjoying spitting
A tortured mind hunts to run away
It will always stay
In your city, in your house

A near life experience
I bow for your grace
Holding hands with myself

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