Inside, outside, psychosomethingfreudian,
So hard to say...hello, How are you? I'm
Fine, I'm just dying, pushed under, grown
Over, within, without, emotionless is more.
I'm finding deeper inside, all over, this
Body is broken, broken is this body.
The living are no better than, the dead ones
Walking slowly by, I'd like to laugh I'd
Love to cry, and if this is forever, I
Say...Take these dreams, if I might live for-
Ever, take these eyes, if I might speak in
Lies, all these years, and all I have it tomor
row, take these eyes, if I might say hello
I know, it's hard now, but I'd burn the
World just to see you rise, in time. Corrupt
And insincere you'd think you'd blow it

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