Are you hearing me?
I had to yell louder because you were talking over me once again.
Probably started resorting to not listening
But im okay with this.
Just like your loved one waiting to die.
We're marching like soldiers right into graves,
Fighting to make sure we fall into our assigned ones.
There will always be enough room for everyone,
We can stack our bodies of disappointments high.
Throw away picture frames for family photos we'll never have,
I don't care about this,
I am happy,
Not because i am ignorant,
But because of what could of been.
Everyone stuck in the present when there is no future,
Droning and drowning for misconceptions we live our lives upon,
From our unintended and uninterpreted pasts.
Its a big pile of nothing, vile to some,
I am not bothered nor offended
And i hope you're not as well.
It is what it is and its certainly what its not.
I hate to say it but this old bullshit tastes pretty good.

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