You took something from me
You stole, i know it
Bamboozled, got lucky
You must return,
Give back what is not yours
Give it back to me
The one time you could of had it
Took your chance and grabbed it
You got lucky but now you must hide
For i will find you
And i will find you
For i will find you
And i will find you
The best part about me
Is the worst part about me
If i had never came out
They would if love him just the same
If i had never found out
I would of loved her just the same
Everything you had put faith in
Now turns gray and old
I don't want to be apart of me
It took one night to plant me
One night to destroy me
This body is riddled with wrong
And it's here to welcome you,
Welcome to the next take,
Just enough for too much.

Let it all in,
Find a new something
If you give the world gold
And it keeps handing back shit
Then find a new one
Why was such a perfect thing made to die god?
Are you really up there?
Am i all alone?
Was it all for nothing?
Was i made to come to this?
Maybe we're perfect for each other
But i'll never know.
I'm just so damn scared
As the chemicals take your face
Artificial surgery will have it's place
For your sake honey, i hope you marry rich
And if my life's a collection of people i hate
I'll just stop collecting anything at all
And if it refuses to notice
Then i'll let it precede to bath in ignorance
It's own stench will be it's overture
To the downfall of everything it thought it loved.

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