I loved myself,
Too long, too late
My soul was cleverly crafted
Within deadly traps
Truly beautiful, hidden within a mayan city.
Now i'm writing a farewell letter to this place
A suicide note, it's truly coming from the inside.
I leave everything to you,
Though you took it anyways
What is the product of our love
When we no longer want it
What do we do?
We made a life, turned around, and destroyed ours
He just sat and watched,
As his final breath drew near

Doctor, what is your diagnosis?
I'm not feeling too fucking well
My life has been pretty sick
Just one more pill till overdose
I think i'm over it

The hospital bed that damn cold bed
We laid upon, he threw caution in the wind
Took hold, gave way, and there it went.
It's always nice to live life so carefree
But now we are nothing.

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