A conversation was started the other day
It had no intentions of having a conclusion
An old man was trying to make me feel grateful
He talked about love, sadness, and life
Wrapped it up neatly in a bow
Left there at my feet as if i was some sort of doorstep

Well i've been feeling like one lately
People wanting to get past me
And inside the warmth of not looking back
At least they're happy
It takes a lot of hard work to make happiness
I'm glad it's effortless for some
Taking a cold shoulder to the aching agonies of caring

It hurts but it tells me i'm alive
I sometimes feel the warmth
Take comfort in it, feeling accomplished
Though my soul is broken down, a second rate engine
My body is a poorly crafted house,
No heater for the winter
Foundation never settled
But i swear i feel the warmth
Signed my life away to you
When we stood upon the altar
You were the most beautiful being
Anyone had thought they've ever seen
But now the fire goes out
And you're not there.

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