Poor wine into my glass - wrath is rising
Ignore forgiveness, below gets calling my name
Here - the fool fives's forum
Hear - the hallowed protals of my wice opening wide
Particles of wrong vibrations
Heineous inspiration
Muses kissing me words and worlds
Flowing my body with greed
Hurting myself to reach hallucinations
Kept to this world by tenuous strings
The monstrous idea of hope ejaculates moribund cocoons
I eat the flesh of my flesh, transfiguration of horros
Absolution of horrors...
To come
Slowly un-citing the motion profane to all
Waste my entrails and see he mistakes of time
Ghastly inertia
Primer complexio
Acts that remembered in
The morning are futile
Chaos subjugates all memories (all is now)
In my fall I will drag you all
Now I vomit ideas stuck in my lungs
Words are but larvaes devouring my throat
Hideous vaginal repulsion of consciousness
Locking the industrial edge of principles

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