Pigs need masters need pigs
To follow they believe is going forward
Hear me now as I bring you hope
I will destroy your future
Erasing words that built up nations
And pigs still proud of the past
Build yourself with blood and dust
The hourglass is waiting and needs your time
I despair the horrors of horrors - birth
Abomination above all others - birth
The hourglass is waiting
Dead inside
Principles above all men divided
Sickness infecting the lunar frailty
And stars sink in patterns logic
Undivine my sights
Blind my faith
Perverse angel, learn me the elusive discipline of torment
Rest - lies in the bands of Death
Hell's strange crest
Life's opulent ordeal
Reverse the silent ones
Dead inside
Views of inferior dwellings
Minds saturated with guilt
Narcotic narcissistic
Laminaries among the blind

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