A memory so cold now, as I weep on your graves...
Like withered rose petals, some drops of bloodfall on the marble
Through a veil of tears my eyes look a last time at the darkening sky
I know I will never see it burning in its twilight's blaze again
And yet I can only feel the caress of the winds that are rising for me
The cold look of the awakening stars...sublime infinity!
Night of solitude, inspire me in my end
Let the curtains fallat last, and let me leave you tonight
I can hear your voices among the call of the stars
I know this infinity before my eyes is taking me away
This blessed vertigo makes me feel renewed
The night is ours forever
Open your arms, be my poison, and help me reach the deges of time
Rise winds as I stand for the last time before you
Carry my soul, fly with my words
To the land where they lay and wait
Tell them that soon I will come to them
This earth crumbles below me
The stars open the gates to eternity
Oh muses that once inspired my words
The nine of you have betrayed and deserted me
Now I hear inly the sad song of the mermaids of the night
Come to me spirits that alive I couldn't see!
*And show me the way to the world of regrets
And let mecry forever, as a forlorn entity lost in time
Night of solitude, inspire me in my end
Open the doors that lie beyond
And greet me in your arms
Oh infamous blade, you look upon my despondant heart
With such a greedy look, and yet you guide me to my rest and peace!
(Until nothing remains, I will be waiting for my end
Life passed by, and yet nothing remained...)
The caress of the steel, the embrace of the night
Now I feel my body's falling
But my soul will reach the sky...
Beware! Spirits from heaven or hell sent
Neither kingdom I wish
But the infinite plenitude of the burning horizon
You! That dwells in the air
Beware of my wrath!
No god nor devil to take me from emptiness
So dismiss when I say!
Sweet coldness of iron, come and rape my wrist
Oh caress of steel, embrace of night
Twilight of my life
Rebirth of my soul
Oh caress of steel, embrace of night
Every night let me die again
For I long the kiss of...death
Looking down on the earth
My body lays they cry around
I am dead and yet my eyes do cry
I am dead and yet my mouth do smile...
You haunting ghosts of the past come to me
Great winds set my soul free to wander
You haunting ghosts of the past come to me
And let me join your garden of nevermore
Horned angels take my soul far beyond
Where the sun never rises never sets

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