" Je suis la fille du désespoir, la maladie mortelle,
Une messaline vêtue de noir qui inlassablement t'appelle "
The horizon starts to bleed, the sky closes its eyes
And cries tears of crystal and of ebony.
A new age of mourning and warm tragedy
Spread like a mist of incandescent ashes in my soul. Once again...
A symphony of endurable pleasure ablazes my heart
When I hear these whispers from the dark: her lamentations...
The call of the snake embraces me,
I feel infamous desires: flesh, fire, fever...Despair of temptation..
A purple cyclone, deep in my eyes, becomes my only god,
Just because of her lamentations...
(Suddenly): the celestial vault opens a new eye, white as ivory:
A pale queen dressed with black clouds, midnight! My time has come!
The wind sweeps away my fear, the wind brings the sin,
The flower of all sweet diseases,
A mighty desire surrounds my weak mind, erases my memory:
I'm no longer what I was. I become a new slave of the fleshy plague
When a wave of red darkness mermerizes my consciousness.
Black star! Why did you turn your light on me?
Now what I want most is her lips
Lethal desire! Consume me with ecstasy
Orpheus my love! Come and close your wings on me...
" Juste un instant charnel... "
The icons scream, the virgin cries,
SSShe has lost one of her children just because of her lamentations
My existence melts in this night without end...
Eros, sad spirit, dies in forgetting, forsaken by my heart, denied by my
Angels dies in my heaven, beheaded by my witch.
Morbid visions assault me a wolf's rage invade me: I come!
Eternité charnelle...
Viens avec moi dans ce brouillard, possédé par l'anathème.
Laisse-toi mourir, il est trop tard. Je t'aime...
The osmose reaches its climax, we have come one:
Virtue and vice...Vice as virtue...

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