1. O Sol Vitor Kley
  2. Morena (part. Bruno Martini) Vitor Kley
  3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  4. Farol Vitor Kley
  5. Adrenalizou Vitor Kley
  6. Follow The Sun Xavier Rudd
  7. Como Se Fosse Ontem Vitor Kley
  8. Bem Te Vi (feat. Kell Smith) Vitor Kley
  9. A Star is Born John Butler Trio
  10. Marambaia Vitor Kley
  11. Spirit Bird Xavier Rudd
  12. Vacation Dirty Heads
  13. Armas a Nosso Favor Vitor Kley
  14. What a Wonderful World Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  15. Free Donavon Frankenreiter
  16. Flor Vitor Kley
  17. Dois Amores Vitor Kley
  18. Big Wave Donavon Frankenreiter
  19. Já Era Vitor Kley
  20. Koi Wo Shiyouyo Pico
  21. It Don't Matter Donavon Frankenreiter
  22. Termina Por Aqui Pro'stronda
  23. Avião de Papel Vitor Kley
  24. Aloha Kamanini Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  25. Ocean Man Ween
  26. Oh No, Not You Again Australian Crawl
  27. La Mar The Beautiful Girls
  28. Música Para o Amor da Minha Vida Teco Martins
  29. Vamos Voar Vitor Kley
  30. Onde Você Está Vitor Kley
  31. Reckless Australian Crawl
  32. A Noite Cai Vitor Kley
  33. On My Mind Donavon Frankenreiter
  34. Beautiful Day Donavon Frankenreiter
  35. Smokin' Love Stick Figure
  36. Prometo te Amar Cia da Stronda
  37. In This Life Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  38. Young and Able Current Swell
  39. Periscopes The Beautiful Girls
  40. What'cha Know About Donavon Frankenreiter
  41. Tengo Tanto Que Agradecer Abraham Velazquez
  42. Stand Tall Dirty Heads
  43. Hawai I `78 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  44. Shine Donavon Frankenreiter
  45. Você Não Sai da Minha Cabeça Jack
  46. Life, Love & Laughter Donavon Frankenreiter
  47. Miles Away Years Around The Sun
  48. The Boys Light Up Australian Crawl
  49. Quem Dera RUB
  50. Glow Donavon Frankenreiter
  51. Sound Of The Sea Stick Figure
  52. World On Fire (feat. Slightly Stoopid) Stick Figure
  53. Margarita Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  54. Acreditar Vitor Kley
  55. Let Me Be Xavier Rudd
  56. Dance Like Nobody's Watching Donavon Frankenreiter
  57. White Sandy Beach Of Hawaii Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  58. Verão e Melancia Teco Martins
  59. You Donavon Frankenreiter
  60. Come Let Go Xavier Rudd
  61. Deixa eu ser o seu namorado Noflat
  62. Easy Runaway Stick Figure
  63. Cravo e Canela Pablo Dominguez
  64. Vem Pra Perto de Mim Vitor Kley
  65. Braddah Iz Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  66. Saudade Pablo Dominguez
  67. A Pocket Full Of Shells Mat Mchugh
  68. Who We Are Tristan Prettyman
  69. Dice Finley Quaye
  70. Forgetful Lucy Adam Sandler
  71. Morning Sun The Beautiful Girls
  72. The Lost Song The Cat Empire
  73. Amoreiras-Ipê Teco Martins
  74. Weight Of Sound Stick Figure
  75. Two Shoes The Cat Empire
  76. Pela Saco Mac Lucas
  77. Dance All Night (feat. Matisyahu) Dirty Heads
  78. Let's Take The Long Way Home The Beautiful Girls
  79. Japanese Squeeze Sashamon
  80. So Beautiful Pete Murray
  81. Go Don't Stop Mat Mchugh
  82. Still Young The Cat Empire
  83. Errol Australian Crawl
  84. Sunshine Vitor Kley
  85. The Way It Is Donavon Frankenreiter
  86. Uses Of The Word Fuck Adam Sandler
  87. Sea of Love Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  88. Hawaii 78 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  89. Faça Valer RUB
  90. Closer To The Sun Slightly Stoopid
  91. Mulher Teco Martins
  92. Opportunity Pete Murray
  93. Pode Ir Teco Martins
  94. Better than John Butler Trio
  95. Mona June Slightly Stoopid
  96. Isn't Love Joe Purdy
  97. Unpublished Critics Australian Crawl
  98. Adorei Teco Martins
  99. Make You Mine Donavon Frankenreiter
  100. Misirlou Dick Dale
  101. Luz a Brilhar Vitor Kley
  102. Liberte Sua Mente Vitor Kley
  103. On a Clear Day The Beautiful Girls
  104. Revolution John Butler Trio
  105. Ayo Technology Milow
  106. Somebody Kill Me Adam Sandler
  107. Stone Love Pepper
  108. Inescapable Dome Current Swell
  109. I Feel Pretty(Anger Managment) Adam Sandler
  110. Ocean John Butler Trio
  111. Pro Céu Pablo Dominguez
  112. Bem Melhor Vitor Kley
  113. Vou Estar Vitor Kley
  114. Maui Hawaiian Supaman Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  115. Grow Old With You Adam Sandler
  116. Rapeo Lento 362 Rappaz
  117. The General Dispatch
  118. Fire On The Horizon Stick Figure
  119. Drunk Girl Pepper
  120. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Jason Castro
  121. Bang Bang Dispatch
  122. The Letter Xavier Rudd
  123. Save My Heart Jason Reeves
  124. Spring To Come John Butler Trio
  125. The Thanksgiving Song Adam Sandler
  126. Keeping Me Away From You Donavon Frankenreiter
  127. Better Days Pete Murray
  128. Células Teco Martins
  129. Steal The Light The Cat Empire
  130. Downhearted Australian Crawl
  131. Celebrate (feat. The Unlikely Candidates) Dirty Heads
  132. If I stay Shane Mack
  133. I Wanna Grow Old With You Adam Sandler
  134. Long Time Ago Current Swell
  135. Por Você Vitor Kley
  136. Stomach Current Swell
  137. Numb Mat Mchugh
  138. Heading Home Donavon Frankenreiter
  139. Funny Happy Birthday Song Adam Sandler
  140. What If I Fall Jason Castro
  141. Creating A Dream Xavier Rudd
  142. Bulletproof Heart The Silencers
  143. Collie Man Slightly Stoopid
  144. No Cocaine Slightly Stoopid
  145. My Own Eyes Xavier Rudd
  146. Garland Dirty Heads
  147. 'Ama'Ama Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  148. Losing You John Butler Trio
  149. (The Last) Louie Louie Australian Crawl
  150. Como Um Só Vitor Kley
  151. What you want John Butler Trio
  152. Sempre Ao Seu Lado Vitor Kley
  153. This Joint Slightly Stoopid
  154. Better People Xavier Rudd
  155. Wash Away Joe Purdy
  156. Move by yourself Donavon Frankenreiter
  157. Dela The Beautiful Girls
  158. Mystery Angel Xavier Rudd
  159. Eclipse Solar Vitor Kley
  160. Humanidade Haullys
  161. What Do You Love Adam Sandler
  162. Labirinto Vitor Kley
  163. O Dono de Tudo Teco Martins
  164. In This Love Stick Figure
  165. Surf Ka'au Crater Boys
  166. Ela Foi Pro Mar Pablo Dominguez
  167. Betterman John Butler Trio
  168. Butterfly Donavon Frankenreiter
  169. Home Xavier Rudd
  170. I Thought About You The Beautiful Girls
  171. Your Heart Donavon Frankenreiter
  172. A Praia Haimanda
  173. E ala e Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  174. Say Anything Tristan Prettyman
  175. Mi Esposa Abraham Velazquez
  176. So Far Away Donavon Frankenreiter
  177. Necta (Butterfly) Sashamon
  178. Feeling Good Dirty Heads
  179. Os opostos Vitor Kley
  180. Livin' It Stick Figure
  181. Love And Mercy Brian Wilson
  182. Peaceisafiya Sashamon
  183. Simple Love Song Anuhea
  184. If I Know You The Presets
  185. End Of The World Dirty Heads
  186. Te Amo De Verdade P.m.$
  187. Push Th' Little Daises Ween
  188. I Love The Rain The Most When It Stops Joe Purdy
  189. Like The Sun Jason Reeves
  190. Misery's End Paula Fuga
  191. Caminho do Hawaii Vitor Kley
  192. Energy Song Xavier Rudd
  193. Crucial K-os
  194. Bom Dia RUB
  195. Bend in The Road Donavon Frankenreiter
  196. I Love To Love You Three Plus
  197. Oxygen Dirty Heads
  198. The Chanukah Song Adam Sandler
  199. Call me papa Donavon Frankenreiter
  200. Breeze Xavier Rudd
  201. Tried and True Ween
  202. Imperfeição Stronda Surfers
  203. The Car Song The Cat Empire
  204. Ter Você Pablo Dominguez
  205. The Chariot The Cat Empire
  206. Lèlövéy Teco Martins
  207. Ashes Pepper
  208. Young & Wild John Butler Trio
  209. Lay Me Down Dirty Heads
  210. Two Coins Dispatch
  211. O bloco sujo Zantorriff
  212. Ocean Zach Ashton
  213. One By One The Black Seeds
  214. It Makes No Difference Donavon Frankenreiter
  215. Don't Think Twice, Its Alright Donavon Frankenreiter
  216. Lovely Day Donavon Frankenreiter
  217. Border Town Pepper
  218. Contigo Abraham Velazquez
  219. That's All I Need Dirty Heads
  220. Visions Dirty Heads
  221. Under The Landslide Mat Mchugh
  222. Fool Donavon Frankenreiter
  223. Beautiful Face Paula Fuga
  224. Girl Like You Donavon Frankenreiter
  225. Sweet Honey Slightly Stoopid
  226. Cabin By The Sea Dirty Heads
  227. O Doce Pablo Dominguez
  228. Tomorrows Bad Seeds Tomorrows Bad Seeds
  229. Island Style John Cruz
  230. Just Another Dream Stick Figure
  231. That's Too Bad (Byron Jam) Donavon Frankenreiter
  232. Fool For You John Butler Trio
  233. Easy On Your Own Australian Crawl
  234. Walk With You Dispatch
  235. Blue Sky Blue Pete Murray
  236. Peaceful Vibration Sashamon
  237. Sal Grosso Teco Martins
  238. Futuro Próximo Vitor Kley
  239. Vital Signs Midnight Juggernauts
  240. I Will Not Fall wire train
  241. Mansions On The Sand Donavon Frankenreiter
  242. Something About Your Love Mason Jennings
  243. Fly With You Pete Murray
  244. No Céu Vitor Kley
  245. All My Love Stick Figure
  246. Sunday Shining Finley Quaye
  247. Comfortable In My Skin Xavier Rudd
  248. Smiles On Faces Stick Figure
  249. Gay Robot Adam Sandler
  250. Fortunate Sun Donavon Frankenreiter
  251. My Latest Mistake The Beautiful Girls
  252. Lonely Pepper
  253. This Pill Pete Murray
  254. Cantinho Beria Mar G21
  255. Me Levou Vitor Kley
  256. Seu Grande Amor Vitor Kley
  257. Waving My Dick In The Wind Ween
  258. Coming Back Home The Black Seeds
  259. Uma, duas ou Três Os Ostras
  260. Hello The Cat Empire
  261. Te amare Abraham Velazquez
  262. My Sweet Summer Dirty Heads
  263. Sloth's Revenge Dirty Heads
  264. Y no se que paso The Angels
  265. By Your Side Donavon Frankenreiter
  266. Maui Hawaiian Sup'pa Man Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  267. We're Already Gone The Beautiful Girls
  268. Free Pete Murray
  269. San Jose Joe Purdy
  270. Rise Sashamon
  271. House of the Rising Sun The Ventures
  272. Cali Girl Ballyhoo
  273. Amor Escolar Street Stronda
  274. Flor do Meu Jardim Dhuio
  275. L´araldica Delle Contrade Di Siena Teco Martins
  276. Say Zach Ashton
  277. Prophets In The Sky The Cat Empire
  278. Um Dia Desses Pablo Dominguez
  279. Nothing I Can Do Ben Taylor
  280. Wishing Well Current Swell
  281. Shadows Donavon Frankenreiter
  282. My Time Pete Murray
  283. Shape Perfeito RUB
  284. So Glad You Made It (feat. Nick Hexum) Dirty Heads
  285. É coisa rara LucsMIX
  286. Cash Money The Beautiful Girls
  287. Money, Money, Money Pepper
  288. Use Your Head V.Spy V.Spy
  289. Te Tengo a Ti Abraham Velazquez
  290. Song For a Waitress Jason Reeves
  291. Turn It Around The Black Seeds
  292. Sound of a Song Mat Mchugh
  293. Toda Pra Mim Vitor Kley
  294. Circles Around The Sun Dispatch
  295. Under a Southern Sky The Beautiful Girls
  296. Wiseman Slightly Stoopid
  297. Messages Xavier Rudd
  298. Your Love (feat. Kymani Marley) Dirty Heads
  299. Do seu Lado Stronda Surfers
  300. Teteu Vitor Kley
  301. Astair Matt Costa
  302. No mar RUB
  303. Ghost Man Passafire
  304. Country Road Paula Fuga
  305. Remember to Forget Shane Mack
  306. Coming Home Stick Figure
  307. Hey, Hey Dispatch
  308. Ir e Voltar Teco Martins
  309. Mutilated Lips Ween
  310. Dias de Sol Os Ostras
  311. Groovin Slowly John Butler Trio
  312. Don't Listen to A Word You've Heard Justin Nozuka
  313. High Tea Dirty Heads
  314. Say I'm Wrong Ballyhoo
  315. Choice is Yours (feat. Slightly Stoopid) Stick Figure
  316. Out Loud Dispatch
  317. Zebra John Butler Trio
  318. The City Joe Purdy
  319. Ela É Top Guilherme Heleodoro
  320. Reaching Jason Reeves
  321. Howling At The Moon Milow
  322. Amarte Abraham Velazquez
  323. No Lies (feat. Colbie Caillat) Jason Reeves
  324. Clouds Newton Faulkner
  325. Por Amor Vitor Kley
  326. Music The Beautiful Girls
  327. I Need To Give This Broken Heart Away The Beautiful Girls
  328. Little Chief Xavier Rudd
  329. Rainy Day Lament Joe Purdy
  330. Tão bem Pablo Dominguez
  331. Sails To The Wind Dirty Heads
  332. Gold to Me Dirty Heads
  333. Foi tão Lindo Te Encontrar Pro'stronda
  334. Sunsets Tamarama
  335. Anjos Vitor Kley
  336. Ka Pua U'i Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  337. Koa Tree Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  338. A Million Miles The Beautiful Girls
  339. Heartless Justin Nozuka
  340. More In Love With You (feat. Nelly Joy) Jason Reeves
  341. Sugar In The Snow Newton Faulkner
  342. For The Land Current Swell
  343. Transdermal Celebration Ween
  344. After All This Time The Beautiful Girls
  345. Fortune Teller Xavier Rudd
  346. Silver Cloud Pete Murray
  347. De Bobeira RUB
  348. Save Him Justin Nozuka
  349. No One Ever Taught Us (feat. Kara Dioguardi) Jason Reeves
  350. Muros Altos Teco Martins
  351. Menina Pesadelo Vitor Kley
  352. Headlights Dispatch
  353. Our Love Donavon Frankenreiter
  354. Girl U So Fine Slightly Stoopid
  355. California Mason Jennings
  356. Se você me amasse Naja
  357. quantas vezes G21
  358. Reap What You Sow Current Swell
  359. E O Mai Kealii Reichel
  360. Only a Mountain Jason Castro
  361. Lie To Me Shane Mack
  362. Love Street Tomorrows Bad Seeds
  363. Difícil de Acreditar Vitor Kley
  364. Which Way Your Heart Will Go Mason Jennings
  365. Saturday Night (feat. Nate Ruess) Brian Wilson
  366. Dirty Hot Sex Pepper
  367. Coming Up Empty Radio 4
  368. Aqui RUB
  369. Dream Catch Me Newton Faulkner
  370. I Was a Famous Singer Milow
  371. Love Uncompromised Jason Castro
  372. O Outro Lado da Vida Vitor Kley
  373. Photographs and Memories Jason Reeves
  374. Pulling Teeth Newton Faulkner
  375. É Mais Que Paixão G21
  376. Medusa (feat. Ward 21) Dirty Heads
  377. More than this Shane Mack
  378. Outside da Babilônia Leleco 22
  379. Sharing The Night Together Fiji
  380. Anymore The Cat Empire
  381. No Longer There The Cat Empire
  382. Harry's Reasons V.Spy V.Spy
  383. Jah Roots Sashamon
  384. On Our Way Jason Reeves
  385. Kauanoeanuhea Kealii Reichel
  386. It Isn't Me Mat Mchugh
  387. No One Left To Blame Mat Mchugh
  388. Heartland Stick Figure
  389. Gabrielle Ween
  390. Let It Go Donavon Frankenreiter
  391. Come Together Donavon Frankenreiter
  392. The Biggest Lie I Ever Told The Beautiful Girls
  393. Open Road Slightly Stoopid
  394. Wild Animals The Cat Empire
  395. Mystery Man John Butler Trio
  396. Miss Me Joe Purdy
  397. Run River Jon Swift
  398. After Tonight Justin Nozuka
  399. You're My Best Friend Jason Reeves
  400. California Bag Of Toys
  401. Sound of Change Dirty Heads
  402. Não Quero Dinheiro Teco Martins
  403. Patricinha Vitor Kley
  404. Perfeitamente a Imperfeita Stronda Life Style
  405. Barrels Stick Figure
  406. Thanksgiving Song Adam Sandler
  407. The Hypnotist feat Kevin Nealon Adam Sandler
  408. Too Much Water Donavon Frankenreiter
  409. Scottish Rain The Silencers
  410. Butterfly Xavier Rudd
  411. I'd do Anything John Butler Trio
  412. Sem me preocupar Tomaz Sussekind
  413. Coming Home Dirty Heads
  414. Mania de Você Teco Martins
  415. Homem Morto Os Ostras
  416. Learn Yourself The Beautiful Girls
  417. Are You Having a Good Time? Lazlo Bane
  418. Don't Throw Your Hands Up The Cat Empire
  419. Who's With Us Current Swell
  420. Believe Dirty Heads
  421. Lonely For Me Dirty Heads
  422. So Good Stick Figure
  423. Everytime Donavon Frankenreiter
  424. Blackbird The Beautiful Girls
  425. Core of Nature Midlake
  426. My Oh My Tristan Prettyman
  427. Vai Invocando Clone
  428. Patchwork Quilt Kealii Reichel
  429. Vibes Alive Stick Figure
  430. Freedom The Beautiful Girls
  431. Wild mountain thyme The Silencers
  432. Roscoe Midlake
  433. Things That You Love Pepper
  434. Panama The Cat Empire
  435. Boa Noite RUB
  436. Wishing Weed (feat. Colbie Caillat) Jason Reeves
  437. Hip Hop Misfits Dirty Heads
  438. Vim Teco Martins
  439. Hawaii Song Stick Figure
  440. I'd Do It Australian Crawl
  441. Heaven Is A Halfpipe Opm
  442. Stay Forever Ween
  443. Prophet Slightly Stoopid
  444. Ring of Fire Dick Dale
  445. Van Occupanther Midlake
  446. Love Is Here To Stay Brian Wilson
  447. Sitting On The Curb Pepper
  448. Sometimes John Butler Trio
  449. FDS RUB
  450. Love Is a Radiation The Black Seeds
  451. Hallelujah Jason Castro
  452. Sing A Song Donavon Frankenreiter
  453. Summer At Eureka Pete Murray
  454. Til The Ocean Takes Us All The Cat Empire
  455. Catarina Joe Purdy
  456. Pobrecito Animal Liberation Orchestra
  457. El Cantar de Un Niño Abraham Velazquez
  458. Foundations (Kate Nash Cover) Newton Faulkner
  459. Go On Current Swell
  460. West Coast Dirty Heads
  461. Saw Her Standing Ballyhoo
  462. For The First Time Kealii Reichel
  463. Weary Eyes Stick Figure
  464. Differently The Same Donavon Frankenreiter
  465. Helen Zach Ashton
  466. Living Dread Slightly Stoopid
  467. It Ain't Necessarily So Brian Wilson
  468. Smile Pete Murray
  469. Why You Joe Purdy
  470. Alfaiate Pablo Dominguez
  471. Só a Galera La Pupuña
  472. If This Is It Newton Faulkner
  473. Get What's Mine Current Swell
  474. Liberdade Fernandinho e os Biqueiras
  475. E Eu (part. Jé Casali) Vitor Kley
  476. Come With Me Donavon Frankenreiter
  477. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town The Ventures
  478. Higher and Higher Dirty Heads
  479. Nada a Declarar Leleco 22
  480. Love Come Save Me Now Mat Mchugh
  481. Rosarito Long Beach Dub Allstars
  482. Freedom (part 2) The Beautiful Girls
  483. Reward for Me Slightly Stoopid
  484. Too Much Pepper
  485. Ragged Mile (Spirit Song) John Butler Trio
  486. The Sun Joe Purdy
  487. Hawaii Five The Ventures
  488. The Answer The Black Seeds
  489. Little In The Middle Milow
  490. Moon Tower Dirty Heads
  491. O Que É Pra Sempre Vitor Kley
  492. Jowenna (Sweet Hawaiian Girl) Fiji
  493. Even After All Finley Quaye
  494. Your Face Pepper
  495. Bail Me Out Pete Murray
  496. Rhyme and Reason The Cat Empire
  497. Brighter Than Gold The Cat Empire
  498. Sunshine Matt Costa
  499. This Morning Blue Joe Purdy
  500. Merry Sashamon
  501. Storms and Hurricanes Animal Liberation Orchestra
  502. Psicotrópica Pablo Dominguez
  503. Tão Dificil Guilherme Heleodoro
  504. Always Want More Jason Reeves
  505. Nobody Else Could Be You Jason Reeves
  506. Estilo das Cocotas Bonde das Cocotas
  507. Cursed Current Swell
  508. Antelope Dirty Heads
  509. Evil Penguin Ballyhoo
  510. Cadela Prexeca Bangers
  511. Sweetness Paula Fuga
  512. Amor Ou ilusão Pro'stronda
  513. Céu e Mar Conexão Stronda
  514. Nietzschiana Teco Martins
  515. Spell Lama
  516. Remando Contra Maré Haullys
  517. Y no se que paso The Angels
  518. White Limbo Australian Crawl
  519. Mayday Dispatch
  520. Even Dispatch
  521. Still The One Ka'au Crater Boys
  522. I'm Dancing In The Show Tonight Ween
  523. Push Donavon Frankenreiter
  524. Paper Thin Xavier Rudd
  525. Let The Wind Blow Brian Wilson
  526. Wanna Know You Pepper
  527. Song for the day The Cat Empire
  528. Meus Sonhos Capitão do Cerrado
  529. Deepest Ocean Blue Tristan Prettyman
  530. Sweet Rose Matt Costa
  531. Media John Butler Trio
  532. I'm Not What You Need Joe Purdy
  533. Tu Mirada Abraham Velazquez
  534. People Should Smile More Newton Faulkner
  535. Brick By Brick Newton Faulkner
  536. Gosto tanto de você G21
  537. Too Cold Current Swell
  538. Day by Day Dirty Heads
  539. Always Dennis Kamakahi
  540. Dusty Road Tamarama
  541. Eu Tô Na Onda Leleco 22
  542. Arrependimento Conexão Stronda
  543. Vem Comigo Vitor Kley
  544. Bettina Zach Gill
  545. Fantasy Lama
  546. Hard Drugs Stick Figure
  547. Dry Lake Bed Years Around The Sun
  548. La Dueña de Mi Vida The Angels
  549. Hoochie Gucci Fiorucci Mama Australian Crawl
  550. 'The Way It Goes Dispatch
  551. Under The Boardwalk Ka'au Crater Boys
  552. The Mollusk Ween
  553. It's Gonna Be (alright) Ween
  554. Hawaiian Like Me Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  555. Kaulana Kawaihae Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  556. Water The Beautiful Girls
  557. Shot down The Beautiful Girls
  558. Sugar and Spice Zach Ashton
  559. Struggler Slightly Stoopid
  560. I Can't Cry The Silencers
  561. Your 45 Pepper
  562. The Rhythm The Cat Empire
  563. So Many Nights The Cat Empire
  564. What I Want D4
  565. Far away Blues Joe Purdy
  566. Fevereiro RUB
  567. Malia Sashamon
  568. Som Do Mar Pablo Dominguez
  569. Aquele Tempo Bom Pablo Dominguez
  570. Into The Heart Of Love Mighty Lemon Drops
  571. Te espero Guilherme Heleodoro
  572. Infinity To One Jason Reeves
  573. Against The Grain Newton Faulkner
  574. Peitinho Capitão Parafina & os Haoles
  575. Way It Goes Current Swell
  576. Freedom (feat. Know-Madik) Dirty Heads
  577. Diamonds Ballyhoo
  578. C.d.s Cia da Stronda
  579. Pra Sempre Minha Pro'stronda
  580. Você No Azul do Céu Fé Com Mé
  581. Sunday Morning Tamarama
  582. Vivendo e Vendo Leleco 22
  583. Strange Days Mat Mchugh
  584. Cigana Teco Martins
  585. Big Deal Anuhea
  586. Ka Na'i Aupuni Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  587. Girl, Lately Things Have Been Changing The Beautiful Girls
  588. Hope That You'll Stay Xavier Rudd
  589. How To Explain The Cat Empire
  590. The Wine Song The Cat Empire
  591. Meus Olhos Capitão do Cerrado
  592. Electric Tristan Prettyman
  593. Whiskey And Wine Matt Costa
  594. Take Me John Butler Trio
  595. Stomp Pico
  596. Long Shot Newton Faulkner
  597. Room Of The Faded Moon Current Swell
  598. Morning Light Dirty Heads
  599. I Got no Time Dirty Heads
  600. Warming Sun Dirty Heads
  601. Feel it Passafire
  602. The King Passafire
  603. Same Kind Of Broken (Feat. Moriah Peters) Jason Castro
  604. Volta ao Mundo Prexeca Bangers
  605. I Like That Shane Mack
  606. Everything to me Tamarama
  607. Watch Them Grow Zach Gill
  608. Looking For Love Anuhea
  609. Open Up Dispatch
  610. Bridges Dispatch
  611. Voodoo Lady Ween
  612. Kamalani Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  613. Maverick A Strike Finley Quaye
  614. Royalty The Beautiful Girls
  615. Dealer Wins The Beautiful Girls
  616. Round the World Slightly Stoopid
  617. Shoobie Slightly Stoopid
  618. Green Spandex Xavier Rudd
  619. Come People Xavier Rudd
  620. Treaty Yothu Yindi
  621. The Light Mason Jennings
  622. Bring Me Along Pepper
  623. Falling The Cat Empire
  624. Mr. Pitiful Matt Costa
  625. Ophelia Matt Costa
  626. To Look Like You John Butler Trio
  627. Waiting for Jaden Animal Liberation Orchestra
  628. I Don't Know Justin Nozuka
  629. One Day Jason Reeves
  630. Neighborhood Dirty Heads
  631. Spread Too Thin Dirty Heads
  632. Staloney Dirty Heads
  633. Close To Me Ballyhoo
  634. Marijuana Laws Ballyhoo
  635. Twenty Thousand Leagues Midnight Juggernauts
  636. And I Dream Natural Incense
  637. Filosofia de Um Playsson (Cafetão) Prexeca Bangers
  638. Jeito De Zuar Infinit Stronda
  639. It's Not The Same Anuhea
  640. All I Have To Offer You Is Me Ka'au Crater Boys
  641. Banned From TV Noreaga
  642. Summer Of Love Swirl 360
  643. It's Great When We're Together Finley Quaye
  644. Sir, your fashion has the cold heart of a Killer The Beautiful Girls
  645. Good Vibrations Brian Wilson
  646. This Isn't Love Brian Wilson
  647. Broken Pete Murray
  648. To Look Like You John Butler Trio
  649. Carried You Justin Nozuka
  650. It's The Way I Feel About You Ekolu
  651. Chuva De Verão Circular 1226
  652. Alone Jason Reeves
  653. Fugindo Desesperadamente do Helicoptero Malvado Na Densa Selva Sombria E Úmida E Com Muitos Perigos Capitão Parafina & os Haoles
  654. Morning Sunlight Ballyhoo
  655. Distância D'patrão
  656. Hibisco kinho
  657. Beautiful People Australian Crawl
  658. Steeples Dispatch
  659. Sunny Hours Long Beach Dub Allstars
  660. Oh My Dear (Falling In Love) Ween
  661. Day Dreamer Donavon Frankenreiter
  662. Mellow Mood (featuring G. Love) Slightly Stoopid
  663. Anywhere I Go Slightly Stoopid
  664. Whirlpool Xavier Rudd
  665. World Turning Yothu Yindi
  666. Nothing Mason Jennings
  667. Lucy Pepper
  668. Get Away Tristan Prettyman
  669. Never Say Never Tristan Prettyman
  670. Vienna Matt Costa
  671. Colours John Butler Trio
  672. Johnny´s Gone John Butler Trio
  673. Trash The Planet V.Spy V.Spy
  674. I Prefer Barefoot Truth
  675. Além da Nova Ordem Julio Serrano
  676. Unwoken Dream (King With Everything) Justin Nozuka
  677. Canção Sobre Nós Tomaz Sussekind
  678. Someone Somewhere Jason Reeves
  679. Skydive Jason Reeves
  680. Insomnia Dirty Heads
  681. Arrival Dirty Heads
  682. Mad Love Ballyhoo
  683. Hawai Kawaipunahele Kealii Reichel
  684. Ending of an Era Midnight Juggernauts
  685. Polaca Mago Bass
  686. Give Me That Love (French) Tom Frager
  687. É Noiz Que Tá Leleco 22
  688. Fools Mat Mchugh
  689. Kawika Ka'au Crater Boys
  690. My Own Life Long Beach Dub Allstars
  691. Red Hooded Sweatshirt Adam Sandler
  692. I Can Lose Donavon Frankenreiter
  693. La 'elima Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  694. Nothing The Cat Empire
  695. Madly Tristan Prettyman
  696. Treat Yo Mama John Butler Trio
  697. Good Days Joe Purdy
  698. Girl And The Sea The Presets
  699. Talk Like That The Presets
  700. Be Back Soon Justin Nozuka
  701. Feita Pra Mim Denis e Digão
  702. Indecisive Newton Faulkner
  703. Too Cruel Dirty Heads
  704. No Good Ballyhoo
  705. Maunaleo Kealii Reichel
  706. Nine Lives Midnight Juggernauts
  707. Start From Scratch Passafire
  708. Gwadinina Tom Frager
  709. Num Pico Bem Astral Dudu Braga
  710. No Time Anuhea
  711. Sempre Vocês Comigo Beto Ferrari
  712. Same Old Story Stick Figure
  713. Man Crazy Australian Crawl
  714. Brown Eyed Girl Ka'au Crater Boys
  715. Together Forever Donavon Frankenreiter
  716. Now and Forever Finley Quaye
  717. One Kind Of Love Brian Wilson
  718. Luck Song The Cat Empire
  719. Ilha Bela Capitão do Cerrado
  720. Simple As It Should Be Tristan Prettyman
  721. Gonna Be a Long Time John Butler Trio
  722. Tricky Nicky Mike Pinto
  723. Eu Costumava Ser Melhor! Clone
  724. Perder a hora Tomaz Sussekind
  725. Gone In The Morning Newton Faulkner
  726. The Truth Dirty Heads
  727. Daylight's Coming Timmy Curran
  728. A Prexeca Tá Solta Prexeca Bangers
  729. Strondante D'patrão
  730. Take The Long Way Home Shane Mack
  731. Vivo Pros Mané Cocotas Mar Thug
  732. Honey Dudu Braga
  733. Small Zach Gill
  734. Mr. Mellow Anuhea
  735. Geri Jack
  736. Bussi Lama
  737. Meu Bem Querer Mac Lucas
  738. Home Years Around The Sun
  739. Prince Of Spades Dispatch
  740. Saving Grace Pete Murray
  741. Shy that way Tristan Prettyman
  742. Two Person Party Three Plus
  743. Inspiration John Butler Trio
  744. Canyon Joe Joe Purdy
  745. Waiting V.Spy V.Spy
  746. Bad Luck Mike Pinto
  747. Down In A Cold Dirty Well Justin Nozuka
  748. Right By You Justin Nozuka
  749. Mi Amigo Miguel Abraham Velazquez
  750. Quando Estamos Juntos Raphael Lós
  751. Let's Get Together Newton Faulkner
  752. Knows That I Dirty Heads
  753. Love Letters Dirty Heads
  754. Strike Gently Dirty Heads
  755. Red Lights Dirty Heads
  756. Mad At It Dirty Heads
  757. Comatose Timmy Curran
  758. Epiphany Passafire
  759. Meu Carnaval Teco Martins
  760. Nothin' Noreaga
  761. Don't know what to do, don't know what to say Opm
  762. Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain Ween
  763. Polka Dot Tail Ween
  764. Monique the Freak Ween
  765. Joining The Cult Adam Sandler
  766. Hit The Ground Running Donavon Frankenreiter
  767. Star of Gladness Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  768. In Love The Beautiful Girls
  769. No Wrong, No Right The Beautiful Girls
  770. Shelter Xavier Rudd
  771. Love Comes and Goes Xavier Rudd
  772. HOS Pepper
  773. Nice Time Pepper
  774. Protons, Nuetrons, Electrons The Cat Empire
  775. Song for the rich Tristan Prettyman
  776. These Arms Matt Costa
  777. Undercover Lover Three Plus
  778. Seeing Angels John Butler Trio
  779. Roll if ya Fall Barefoot Truth
  780. All Good Reasons Barefoot Truth
  781. Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down Animal Liberation Orchestra
  782. Ghosts The Presets
  783. Mr. Therapy Man Justin Nozuka
  784. Volta Ao Mundo Guilherme Heleodoro
  785. Manual de Um Cara Como Eu Raphael Lós
  786. O Buraco do Violão Tomaz Sussekind
  787. Brad's Song Current Swell
  788. Rains It Pours Dirty Heads
  789. Realize It Dirty Heads
  790. You are Jason Castro
  791. Universo Particular LucsMIX
  792. Fight For Me Tonight Anuhea
  793. The World is Waiting Stick Figure
  794. Heart Delay Years Around The Sun
  795. All These Days Years Around The Sun
  796. I Like Small Butts Adam Sandler
  797. Ulili E Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  798. I can feel it The Silencers
  799. Our Prayer/gee Brian Wilson
  800. Start You Up Pepper
  801. No Mountain The Cat Empire
  802. Bulls The Cat Empire
  803. I Was Gonna Marry You Tristan Prettyman
  804. Good Times Matt Costa
  805. Only One John Butler Trio
  806. Get The Fuck Outta Here The Presets
  807. Helium Hearts Jason Reeves
  808. O Sonho Surfistas do Hawaii
  809. Ulysses Current Swell
  810. Stephanie Milow
  811. Burn Slow (feat. Tech N9ne) Dirty Heads
  812. Qual vai ser? Prexeca Bangers
  813. Wreckage Shane Mack
  814. Desde o começo, O melhor pra você LucsMIX
  815. Bula Teco Martins
  816. Smoke Stack Stick Figure
  817. Swing on Down Donavon Frankenreiter
  818. The Wrong Side Of Town The Beautiful Girls
  819. Fat Spliffs Slightly Stoopid
  820. Top Of The World Slightly Stoopid
  821. Rise Like The Sun (Part I: The Dawn) K-os
  822. Ainda Resta a Esperança Pablo Dominguez
  823. Bicycle Jason Reeves
  824. You And Me (In My Pocket) Milow
  825. Walk Away Ballyhoo
  826. LOLOIWI (translation) Paula Fuga
  827. Princesa Perfeita P.m.$
  828. Aos Pés do Cajueiro Teco Martins
  829. Failing At Art Years Around The Sun
  830. What's the deal 28 Days
  831. I Don't Want It Ween
  832. At A Medium Pace Adam Sandler
  833. Hanukkah Song Part One Adam Sandler
  834. Wondering Where The Lions Are Donavon Frankenreiter
  835. When I Had You With Me The Beautiful Girls
  836. Bring Me Your Cup The Beautiful Girls
  837. Fighter Girl Mason Jennings
  838. Surf's Up Brian Wilson
  839. Believe John Butler Trio
  840. Old man John Butler Trio
  841. Caroline John Butler Trio
  842. Fall The Presets
  843. Vou te encontrar Pablo Dominguez
  844. Lost And Found Mike Pinto
  845. Desinsuflar Denis e Digão
  846. Teardrop Added Newton Faulkner
  847. Send A message The Black Seeds
  848. Last Wave Bag Of Toys
  849. Getaway Van Current Swell
  850. Cai Chuva Rato de Praia
  851. Disguise Dirty Heads
  852. Diamonds & Pearls Dirty Heads
  853. Joan Timmy Curran
  854. That's What I'm Here For Jason Castro
  855. Sentimento Surreal Pro'stronda
  856. Come Over Love Anuhea
  857. Breathe Stick Figure
  858. Motors Too Fast Australian Crawl
  859. Elias Dispatch
  860. Listen to DJ's Long Beach Dub Allstars
  861. Beacon Light Ween
  862. Memory Lane Adam Sandler
  863. Loving You Matt Costa
  864. Peaches & Cream John Butler Trio
  865. Daniella John Butler Trio
  866. Nowhere Man John Butler Trio
  867. Enemies Like This Radio 4
  868. Sua Voz RUB
  869. Sexo y Drogas Animal Liberation Orchestra
  870. Try Animal Liberation Orchestra
  871. Slide Salmonella Dub
  872. Back In California Mike Pinto
  873. I Try Ben Taylor
  874. Praia da Barra Raphael Lós
  875. Terrified Jason Reeves
  876. Take Your Chances The Black Seeds
  877. Smile So Wide Bag Of Toys
  878. She Might She Might Milow
  879. Kiss My Head Passafire
  880. Lance Espiritual Fernandinho e os Biqueiras
  881. Golden Hour Stick Figure
  882. Things Don't Seem Australian Crawl
  883. Piece Of Shit Car Adam Sandler
  884. Such A Night Donavon Frankenreiter
  885. You Never Arrived Midlake
  886. Ten Ft Tall Pete Murray
  887. The Crowd The Cat Empire
  888. Like a Drum The Cat Empire
  889. Longe do Mar Capitão do Cerrado
  890. Beautiful, Beautiful Tristan Prettyman
  891. Bad Drug Tristan Prettyman
  892. Songs We Sing Matt Costa
  893. Darling Be Home Soon Matt Costa
  894. Sista John Butler Trio
  895. Vou te roubar pra mim Naja
  896. Só Nós Dois Pablo Dominguez
  897. In Everything You Do Mighty Lemon Drops
  898. Oh Momma Justin Nozuka
  899. Vai Que Eu Vou Atrás Raphael Lós
  900. Psica da Velha Chica La Pupuña
  901. I Need Something Newton Faulkner
  902. Shelter Current Swell
  903. The Struggle Ballyhoo
  904. Antisocial Ballyhoo
  905. Blue Eyes Timmy Curran
  906. Vem que TEM ! Leleco 22
  907. Family Zach Gill
  908. Alright With Me Stick Figure
  909. My Day At The Beach Australian Crawl
  910. This Way Australian Crawl
  911. Railway Dispatch
  912. Saw Red Long Beach Dub Allstars
  913. Wonders Dub I Long Beach Dub Allstars
  914. The Blarney Stone Ween
  915. Toll Booth Willie Adam Sandler
  916. Love Stinks Adam Sandler
  917. Baby Got Jack Adam Sandler
  918. Rainbow Tree Donavon Frankenreiter
  919. Bittersweet Symphony Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  920. Goodtimes The Beautiful Girls
  921. Wicked Rebel Slightly Stoopid
  922. Souls On Fire Slightly Stoopid
  923. Where Do We Fit Xavier Rudd
  924. The Native Eye Xavier Rudd
  925. Generation Fade Xavier Rudd
  926. Miss You In My Life Xavier Rudd
  927. Edge of the Moon Xavier Rudd
  928. Gunitjpirr Man Yothu Yindi
  929. Planet Earth Yothu Yindi
  930. Branches Midlake
  931. The Old And The Young Midlake
  932. Wonderful Brian Wilson
  933. We Belong Together Brian Wilson
  934. The Like In I Love You Brian Wilson
  935. B.O.O.T. Pepper
  936. Tradewinds Pepper
  937. Never Let The End Begin Pete Murray
  938. Beanni The Cat Empire
  939. The Lullaby The Cat Empire
  940. Radio Song The Cat Empire
  941. A Lua e o Sol Capitão do Cerrado
  942. Breathe Tristan Prettyman
  943. Please Tristan Prettyman
  944. War Out Of Peace Tristan Prettyman
  945. Mobile Chateau Matt Costa
  946. Home Is Where The Heart Is John Butler Trio
  947. Spring John Butler Trio
  948. Used To Get High John Butler Trio
  949. Espero Você Naja
  950. Mary Joe Purdy
  951. O Sol RUB
  952. Don't Tear It Down V.Spy V.Spy
  953. Empty Vessel (a Pledge Of No Allegiance) Animal Liberation Orchestra
  954. EZ ON Salmonella Dub
  955. Jennie Lee Jan And Dean
  956. Yippiyo-ay The Presets
  957. Goodbye Future The Presets
  958. Amor Tem Que Ser Amor Pablo Dominguez
  959. Pressentir Pablo Dominguez
  960. Truth Serum Mike Pinto
  961. Crystal Clear Mighty Lemon Drops
  962. Pra quem se queira doar Julio Serrano
  963. Samba Reggae Haimanda
  964. Bridge Over Troubled Water The Ventures
  965. Diamond Head The Ventures
  966. We Were Supposed to Grow Old Justin Nozuka
  967. Sweet Lover Justin Nozuka
  968. Sem Hora Pra Voltar Raphael Lós
  969. Pode Ir Tomaz Sussekind
  970. Ela É Americana La Pupuña
  971. Gasoline Jason Reeves
  972. Absolutamente linda Denis e Digão
  973. Lullaby Newton Faulkner
  974. I Took It Out On You Newton Faulkner
  975. Em Frente Ao Mar do Jardim de Alah Capitão Parafina & os Haoles
  976. Chasing Current Swell
  977. Only Human Gary Hoey
  978. Echoes In The Dark Milow
  979. Burials Dirty Heads
  980. Can't Sit Here Dirty Heads
  981. Running For Your Life Dirty Heads
  982. Lost at Sea Ballyhoo
  983. Casting Of The Cares Passafire
  984. Miss You Passafire
  985. Pra Cima de Moi Prexeca Bangers
  986. Cara de Malandro Lu Traple
  987. Wahine "Ilikea Dennis Kamakahi
  988. Barco forte kinho
  989. Blue Skies Prevail Tamarama
  990. Do Hip Hop Ao Mantra Leleco 22
  991. Under The Dancehall Mat Mchugh
  992. Roundtrip Tomorrows Bad Seeds
  993. Back in the day Zach Gill
  994. Contigo Para Soñar Jose Gregorio Oquendo
  995. Break of Day Stick Figure
  996. Songs of Yesterday Stick Figure
  997. Women Of The Night Stick Figure
  998. Sinclair Years Around The Sun
  999. Bluesy Monday Colby Lee Band
  1000. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place The Angels


  1. Vitor Kley Vitor Kley
  2. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  3. Donavon Frankenreiter Donavon Frankenreiter
  4. Xavier Rudd Xavier Rudd
  5. Dirty Heads Dirty Heads
  6. John Butler Trio John Butler Trio
  7. Australian Crawl Australian Crawl
  8. Stick Figure Stick Figure
  9. The Beautiful Girls The Beautiful Girls
  10. Teco Martins Teco Martins
  11. Adam Sandler Adam Sandler
  12. The Cat Empire The Cat Empire
  13. Current Swell Current Swell
  14. Ween Ween
  15. Pablo Dominguez Pablo Dominguez
  16. Pete Murray Pete Murray
  17. Slightly Stoopid Slightly Stoopid
  18. Pro'stronda Pro'stronda
  19. RUB RUB
  20. Pico Pico
  21. Mat Mchugh Mat Mchugh
  22. Abraham Velazquez Abraham Velazquez
  23. Jason Reeves Jason Reeves
  24. Sashamon Sashamon
  25. Dispatch Dispatch
  26. Cia da Stronda Cia da Stronda
  27. Pepper Pepper
  28. Joe Purdy Joe Purdy
  29. Years Around The Sun Years Around The Sun
  30. Finley Quaye Finley Quaye
  31. Jack Jack
  32. Jason Castro Jason Castro
  33. Newton Faulkner Newton Faulkner
  34. The Ventures The Ventures
  35. Milow Milow
  36. Noflat Noflat
  37. Shane Mack Shane Mack
  38. Passafire Passafire
  39. Tristan Prettyman Tristan Prettyman
  40. Dick Dale Dick Dale
  41. Matt Costa Matt Costa
  42. Ballyhoo Ballyhoo
  43. Justin Nozuka Justin Nozuka
  44. Midlake Midlake
  45. Os Ostras Os Ostras
  46. Prexeca Bangers Prexeca Bangers
  47. Mac Lucas Mac Lucas
  48. The Presets The Presets
  49. The Angels The Angels
  50. Brian Wilson Brian Wilson
  51. Mike Pinto Mike Pinto
  52. Zach Ashton Zach Ashton
  53. Andrade e a Torre Andrade e a Torre
  54. Ka'au Crater Boys Ka'au Crater Boys
  55. 362 Rappaz 362 Rappaz
  56. Paula Fuga Paula Fuga
  57. Long Beach Dub Allstars Long Beach Dub Allstars
  58. P.m.$ P.m.$
  59. The Silencers The Silencers
  60. Capitão do Cerrado Capitão do Cerrado
  61. Mason Jennings Mason Jennings
  62. Bonde das Cocotas Bonde das Cocotas
  63. The Black Seeds The Black Seeds
  64. Haullys Haullys
  65. Raphael Lós Raphael Lós
  66. V.Spy V.Spy V.Spy V.Spy
  67. Timmy Curran Timmy Curran
  68. Opm Opm
  69. Bag Of Toys Bag Of Toys
  70. Midnight Juggernauts Midnight Juggernauts
  71. Tomorrows Bad Seeds Tomorrows Bad Seeds
  72. La Revancha La Revancha
  73. Leleco 22 Leleco 22
  74. Anuhea Anuhea
  75. Haimanda Haimanda
  76. Guilherme Heleodoro Guilherme Heleodoro
  77. Zach Gill Zach Gill
  78. K-os K-os
  79. La Pupuña La Pupuña
  80. Kealii Reichel Kealii Reichel
  81. Dhuio Dhuio
  82. Mago Bass Mago Bass
  83. kinho kinho
  84. Tom Frager Tom Frager
  85. John Cruz John Cruz
  86. Fiji Fiji
  87. Salmonella Dub Salmonella Dub
  88. Circular 1226 Circular 1226
  89. Dudu Braga Dudu Braga
  90. Yothu Yindi Yothu Yindi
  91. Fé Com Mé Fé Com Mé
  92. Natural Incense Natural Incense
  93. VPM Stronda VPM Stronda
  94. Tamarama Tamarama
  95. Stronda Surfers Stronda Surfers
  96. Ras Carlos Ras Carlos
  97. Animal Liberation Orchestra Animal Liberation Orchestra
  98. Clone Clone
  99. Street Stronda Street Stronda
  100. Lu Traple Lu Traple
  101. Barefoot Truth Barefoot Truth
  102. Tomaz Sussekind Tomaz Sussekind
  103. Playssitude Maxima Playssitude Maxima
  104. Ekolu Ekolu
  105. Braddigan Braddigan
  106. Zantorriff Zantorriff
  107. G21 G21
  108. Fernandinho e os Biqueiras Fernandinho e os Biqueiras
  109. wire train wire train
  110. Radio 4 Radio 4
  111. Jon Swift Jon Swift
  112. Anda Adam Anda Adam
  113. Dennis Kamakahi Dennis Kamakahi
  114. Stronda Life Style Stronda Life Style
  115. Naja Naja
  116. Ben Taylor Ben Taylor
  117. LucsMIX LucsMIX
  118. Jose Gregorio Oquendo Jose Gregorio Oquendo
  119. Beto Ferrari Beto Ferrari
  120. Swirl 360 Swirl 360
  121. D4 D4
  122. Julio Serrano Julio Serrano
  123. FC Five FC Five
  124. Rosanna e Zélia Rosanna e Zélia
  125. Colby Lee Band Colby Lee Band
  126. Capitão Parafina & os Haoles Capitão Parafina & os Haoles
  127. Infinit Stronda Infinit Stronda
  128. Lama Lama
  129. Noreaga Noreaga
  130. Mighty Lemon Drops Mighty Lemon Drops
  131. Surfistas do Hawaii Surfistas do Hawaii
  132. Rato de Praia Rato de Praia
  133. D'patrão D'patrão
  134. Conexão Stronda Conexão Stronda
  135. Deniz Arcak Deniz Arcak
  136. Yovee Yovee
  137. Audiolights Audiolights
  138. Marolife Music Marolife Music
  139. Gary Hoey Gary Hoey
  140. Stronda-Unit Stronda-Unit
  141. The Surfers The Surfers
  142. Denis e Digão Denis e Digão
  143. 28 Days 28 Days
  144. Lazlo Bane Lazlo Bane
  145. Three Plus Three Plus
  146. Maritime Maritime
  147. Jan And Dean Jan And Dean
  148. Via Maré Via Maré
  149. Cocotas Mar Thug Cocotas Mar Thug
  150. Vinícius Zurlias Vinícius Zurlias
  151. Justin James Justin James
  152. Chris Velan Chris Velan
  153. Stronda Of House Stronda Of House
  154. Haw-Waves Haw-Waves
  155. Braxton Olita Braxton Olita
  156. Nadaeva Nadaeva
  157. U-Go Girl U-Go Girl
  158. Slackstring Slackstring