Speed up it's taking years
While anybody's in a delightful free fall
In the abyss of invents

No soil limits, depths, attritions to detain us
Just don't let the battery cease

In this sensorial odyssey
Incessant sessions of suddenly buried feats
Success and succession seems synced
As frames of a brand new, colorful appeal to be skipped

In this fleeting stage of decay
We all hybrids in an aimless way
Wherein history is fed devouring itself as cancer, a plague

The business rebuilt the innate source of verve and contemplation
You might feel your hippocampus's downfall

- Memory's blackout instant -

How many real things in the new reality?
This reality...

Almost the only worthy fields which we sowed
Refuges, millions of acres of charcoal
'Cuz the past is being denied
There are shattered seeds while hypes prevails

That's the mirror's victims age
Of flashes, make ups, virtual pride parades
What remains?

An unremitting feast of copper's veins
Deteriorating our minds

Lost in this so much dreamed vastness one day

In this sensorial odyssey
The almighty just can't let the battery cease!

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