How could the weather
Change so fast?
And make a dream into the worst nightmare
Now a hundred negative
Thoughts per minute
Like a rifle inside my mind

That breeze that satisfied me so much
Now looks like a sandstorm

But this is not a natural phenomenon
Sensitivity can change the roads
No other drug had done so well to me
Felling summarized, built, and naturally destroyed
Over the blue sky of paradise
Founded on heavy clouds
Discharged water like a dark ink, to paint my hell
It's impossible describe as agile transition
I knew the extremes of waves
Psychotropic conversion
Is impossible describe as horrible
Second stage
Where have all that
Wonderfull things gone?

No more weed with Lsd
No more weed at least for me
It just destroyed my best time

And than a lot of drinking again
To only my liver feel some pain
I'm a slave now...
Why not only the positive?

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