Live young, die free
Taste fire, that's me
Life is short, no guarantee
Make it wild, let it be

Don't hesitate - try it all
Come closer, pick the ball
Be strong - never fall
Listen to you inner call

Don't let them get to you
They will burn their spirit too
You'll fail if you betray
Freedom will drift away

Runnin' on thrust
My means are just
The speed is a must
I'm havin' a blast - let it last!!!
The power of thrust
A moment of lust
Don't be unjust
It all goes too fast - Already passed!!!

Live to the max, pay the tax
No crush what a rush!!!
No remorse for the scores
Live for today, all the way!!!

Race with me - 'till the end
Now I am Heavensent!!!!!
I feel strong not afraid
Try to overturn the fate

Don't surrender to the fears
No matter what appears
Despair of endless tears
Can hurt like thousand spears

Endless searchin' for the meaning
Brings you back to the beginning
No more lying, no more denying
When your inner voice is crying
Struggle just to stay for real
Follow what you try to feel
Still more fire on your thrust
Hope my mind won't byte the dust

Strong spirit on the run
Always searchin' for the fun
Can't stop, can't retreat
Settle don would be defeat
Pushin' pedal to the floor
Flame is risin' from the core
Still more fire and more thrust
Risin' speed is just a must

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