Black suits can't cover lies
Fall in line don't question why
They deliver doubtful charm
Promises that shouldn't harm

On and on they count their death
There's a dead end straight ahead
War of greed, what should be right
This is really not my fight

You should see the state of war
With the senseless piles of gore
Blinded horses scream for blood
Never listening always nod

Planets head to state of rage
Lost act is set on stage
Ignorance they recommend
Something i can't comprehend

Grinding wheel turning
State is now disturbing
No one left to tell
You are drowning in despair
Of your darkest cell!

Blinded horses cannot see
More repression daily treat
With situation we agree
Hiding from the sanity

Reason lost in cries
Somewhere deep inside
Fatal web is made
Helping hand betrayed
-reaching for the blade

Mob tries to suck you in
And consume you deep within
Rotten mind with friendly face
Follows you in endless chase

Sounds of warning in your soul
Tempts the mind to reach the goal
Path is leading to unseen
Where somehow tries to win

Life now leaks away from you
There is not much left to do
Breaking through the walls in time
Leaving life of dirty crime

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