Invincible beast
Stroke from the east
Expected the least
It's bloody fists
Spread in the mist
An undertow twist

Struck of the damned
A deception demand
Our pride they offend
Our life condemned
Peace in pretend
No way to defend

Our trust betrayed
Their pay delayed
A promise dismaid
Their lust obeyed
Treasures obtained
Lies contained

Enter night - now we meet the world of shadows
End in fright - all the greed from heart grows
All so bright - no more fun and no more jokes
One last fight - hear the sound of angry strokes

Now it's time to speak for heaven's sake
Our nation weak - god damn you all

Another riot now - fills all the streets
Pride opressed - and broken into bits

At the place of dawn is where we meet
After time matters - no more!
Deeds of greed you did - they will hit
Trial of souls now rolls - no escape
Souls you took they wait - justice lies
Beyond the sight of fate - roll the dice
Sea of life for life - the only way
Ruling reign of knife - will fall one day

A new way of trade
A market was made
The old ways now fade
Their evil blade
Cast in the shade
We fall from the grade

Our families born
A monster's horn
A massacre born
In the eye of the storm
Our boots are worn
Ended reborn

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