Now it's time to turn back
Retreat from attack
You kept the stack
But i will be back

I walked, crawled, fought
Stalked, failed
I turned to rage, burned
Faithful 'till the end

There's no way that i will follow you
I will rather do what i prefer
Who are you to tell me how to live?!
What on earth is there for you to give
What you like, you measure in the gold
Take control of everything you see
Living in your world full of possessions
They're becoming your obsessions

For many years i've been learning
Felt your everyday lie
For freedom i was yearning
Your ways i defy
A secret fire grew burning
And my head started turning
So i left you behind
To settle my mind

Live up your dreams
And don't mind their screams
They'll fear your gift
But you'll fight back switft

Stand up and fight back
Make 'em stop and save your neck
Don't loose yourself up on the shelf
Explore within - find what you're breathing for!!!!

With this people so blind
Nothing left on their mind
There is not much to do
But ignore what you do
There's something wrong
And read between the lines


Anger strikes, ready for breach
Superior tool treats you so cruel
Ignoring your mind will keep you blind
What is a lie cannot be pure
Ones you trust fade into rust
Senseless orders keep you cold
Follow the promise made of gold
And filthy greed is what will breed

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